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  the only Flyball team in Idaho!

Flyball is a fast-paced dog sport that involves 4 dogs running a relay-style race with obstacles. Each dog goes over 4 hurdles, catches a ball that ejects from a spring-loaded box, and returns over the same 4 hurdles. As one dog finishes their leg of the race, the next dog is already running at full speed down the course. 

At first glance, flyball can look wild and crazy, but a racing team is a carefully orchestrated dance. Flyball dogs are meticulously trained to be 100% reliable in this highly distracting environment. It often takes a full year to train a dog to be on a competition flyball team!

Flyball is all about having fun with your dog and supporting teammates.

Upcoming events:

  • Two teams of Boise FlyDogs going to the Muddy Paws Tournament in Salem, Oregon the weekend of July 13-14.

  • Heading to the Portland Tailblazers Tournament in Tillamook, OR August 31-September 1 

  • Also planning for the Kaotic K9's tournament in Auburn, WA the weekend of September 21-22.

  • Our Summer schedule is starting to take shape. Click on the "2024 Schedule" on the menu above for our local practice schedule.

FLYBALL is a TEAM sport!

Flyball is different from other dog sports. 

You and your dog are a team, but you are both also part of a larger team.  It takes a minimum of six humans and four or five dogs to make up one Flyball team in a tournament.  


Boise FlyDogs is currently made up of (approximately) 16 humans, 10 competing dogs, and 8 dogs in training. It's taken us several years to achieve this & we spent years learning and practicing before we were able to field an entire tournament team! 

Each person and each dog on the team have slightly different skills, abilities, viewpoints, strengths, and weaknesses, but together we make it work. That’s an important part of Flyball to consider before becoming involved, because it does require time, commitment, and flexibility to be successful.

We currently practice once a week, year round. We try to attend ~4 tournaments a year, primarily on the west coast or in Utah. 

If this sounds like a sport and an atmosphere you and your dog would enjoy, we invite you to come and watch a Boise FlyDogs practice, then schedule an evaluation for your dog. 

About Flyball
Flyball Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds, but there are a few important requirements.
You might have a Flyball Dog if your dog:
  • Is not aggressive towards other dogs or people

  • Is healthy and active enough to run a 100+ foot course, over jumps, several times in a row

  • Is motivated by a reward, ideally tugging with you, a favorite toy, or treats

  • Can work off-leash and remain connected to you, even with distractions

  • It is best if your dog is >1 and < 6 years old -- it can take up to a year to train a flyball dog for competition and most dogs can safely compete until about age 10

You might be a Flyball human if:
  • You enjoy connecting with your dog, and learning something new with him/her

  • You enjoy working with a diverse team of dog-lovers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities

  • You believe in positive reinforcement training

  • You are willing to listen with an open mind and learn about Flyball

  • You have some time to work with your dog at home, in addition to Flyball classes and/or practices

  • You enjoy working with the existing members of the team

Contact Us
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Contact us:


If you are interested in observing a flyball practice

A great first step to decide if flyball looks fun to you... is to come watch a practice or demo! Practice times and locations vary throughout the year, so the best option is to email and let us know you'd like to attend. 

If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation

At an evaluation, we will meet your dog and discuss if he/she seems like a good fit for flyball. We can also discuss potential upcoming classes or bootcamps that we might offer and any foundation work that might help your dog succeed at flyball.

If you/your dog already have flyball experience and are looking to join a team

The FlyDogs


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Our Flydogs
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