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    Let's play  flyball

Our practices in the summer will be at Harold Cox field next to Storey Bark Park in Meridian. We have the field rented until October 8th 2023

We have a indoor practice on October 13th at Anser Charter School and then on October 20th we start at Temptation Arena 


Please check our Facebook page to see of any possible changes due to weather.

We invite the public to come and watch our practices- feel free to bring your dogs (on a leash) and watch us in action feel free to ask any questions. 

All funds raised go to Boise FlyDogs club. We are a not-for-profit club.

It's all about having fun with teammates and connecting with all the dogs.

We will be heading out of state again in November 2023!

We took two teams to the Muddy Paws tournament in Salem Oregon and did amazing! So proud of all the hard work everyone has put into Boise FlyDogs!

Wish us luck at our upcoming tournament!

In the News

is a canine TEAM sport!

All canine sports except flyball are solo dog and handler pairs working, whether it be rally, obedience, disc, dock, lure, frisbee or agility. Flyball is unique because it involves two lanes of hurdles 10' apart and up to 14" high, a spring loaded box with a tennis ball that is released when the dog does a swimmers turn on it. Within each lane there are up to four dogs along with 4 humans in ready to race their dogs to be released to run down the lane one at a time, just like a relay race. Both lanes run at the same time, which means 8 dogs can be off leash at the same time! This race is timed to the 1000th of a second with the one that has the fastest time- with no fouls is the winner of that one heat. With up to 5 heats in a race your dog must be physically fit to do that kind of hard work.  

All pups need to have great recall and basic obedience skills before participating in flyball.
In general, if your dog is reactive to other dogs, reactive to humans or has overly obsessive behaviors with inability to retrieve, we have great trainers that we can refer you to.

About Flyball
Contact us about a free evaluation!
Does your dog have what it takes to be a Flyball dog?
We are not looking for untrained dogs, we must have pups that have a solid recall, they cannot be aggressive to humans or other dogs. A high drive dog with intensity is a dog that will work best for Flyball. Most of all we need owners with ability who can connect with their dog teaching them new behaviors through positive trainings and understand what working within a team sport is all about.
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It's so exciting to see such a friendly group of dog lovers come together in Boise to bond with their dogs and have fun!

- Ashley

We're so glad we stumbled upon this group! Flyball has helped us learn valuable communication skills with our dogs and has given us a fantastic outlet for our dogs to grow in confidence, play, and exercise!                      - Ariel

FlyDog Lessons

Boise FlyDogs 

Come and watch us play Flyball- see how we work with our dogs.
We encourage you to stay, ask questions and listen to how it's done in Idaho.

Boise FlyDogs is a not for profit club and all funds go directly to
benefit our club's needs.


 Pay by Venmo

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Style of 


Dogs learn at their own speed and we take our time to teach them as individuals. Don't we all work better when we can do it at our own pace?!?

We could be looking to add a few teammates/dogs to our club.  If you're interested in 

being on a fast moving team of dogs and learning the fundamentals of Flyball, 

traveling to different states and being a positive team member, we would love to talk 

with you.

Positive Reinforcement only (no spray bottles, no chokers, electronics etc.) Lots of yummy treats, tug games, and pets are given all around to our dogs.

All Dogs and Handlers need to understand this is a Team Sport that includes many

dogs, along with people of all types that must be able to work together.

We all come together with each of the dogs on our team to help guide and

brainstorm to benefit and build up our team.

Evaluation Form

Flyball in Idaho


Run like the wind.....

High Energy & FUN!

We have some pretty exciting pups learning how to play Flyball right now! Keep your eyes peeled.....

How lucky are we to have a handsome young Picard to add to our team with his fun loving human Katheryn!

We also have a beautiful sleek black lab girl, named Molly and her helpful human Ulana from Montana to add to our growing team of Flyballers!!

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2022-11-21 21.40.53.jpg

The FlyDogs


2021-09-04 06.42.34.jpg
Our Flydogs

We start out slowly....

and gradually learn new skills along the way!

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Summer Practices



Let's get ready to play Flyball!!

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We are outside for the summer months as weather permits. We don't practice if it's wet or too hot for safety reasons for our animals. We always welcome the general public to come check us out if you can. Bring your dog on a leash. Watch their reactions to what's going on as the dogs run.

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